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Expat Banking Customer Representative

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Do you want to be a team member of Creditwest Bank?

Expat Banking Customer Representative

We are searching for team members to assist in serving English speaking customers especially in Kyrenia area.


·        To have an undergraduate degree from a 3 or 4 year program

·        Seeking a career in the banking sector

·        Excellent communication skills and well spoken

·        To have analytical thinking capability

·        Excellent command of English

·        Cheerful, patient and successful in customer relations

·        Job responsibility and follow up skills

·        Fast and target-oriented

·        Good at team work and eager to cooperate

·        Knowledge in MS office programs

·        North Cyprus resident

·        To have military duty completed (for male candidates)


Job Descriptions:

* To provide effective banking services in line with the general objectives and policies of our Bank,

* To expand individual customer portfolio and take an active role in acquiring new customers,

* To identify the customer needs, and to provide and actively sell appropriate services and product packages to meet their needs, and to produce quick solutions,

* To be responsible for the sale and dissemination of the Bank's products and services to the target customers,

* To make customer visits to increase the number of customers and product volume.

* To ensure the continuity of customer satisfaction.


All applications should be made to www.creditwestbank.com on the “İs Basvurusu- Creditwestli Olmak İstiyorum-Açık Pozisyonlar until 28 May 2021

                                                                      All applications are confidential